Why choose FitDad from FitFast?


When you join FitFast, we are here to support you every step of the way from your initial consultation where we go into detail about your biology and lifestyle to build the most effective plan possible, until the end of your plan when we ask for your feedback and congratulate you on your success - Your FitFast Consultant will work closely with you to ensure you maximise your potential and achieve your target weight.  

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You will be allocated short and easy workout routines focusing mainly on cardio. Thanks to having a unique plan you will be given activities that you can actually do and can be done from home. 

Where possible we try to make these fun, including dance based workouts that increase motivation and enjoyment. For those who require a slower pace we cater for all abilities. You will be given plenty of rest and relaxation time too.

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Our Nutrition Team will work with you to create a delicious meal plan to support your weight loss plan. Alternatively we are partnered with EatThisMuch where you can make your own plan for free! 

Our diet plans usually involve Ketosis - A safe and scientifically proven weight loss method.

So many factors that affect our weight are either also affecting or are caused by our mental health, stress levels and sleep routine. Combined we call this your general wellness. 

Having a FitFast plan means that your wellness is taken into account, as such, activities and advice is provided to improve these areas of your life. To do this we use methods such as sleep therapy, habit coaching and mindfullness.

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