Social Media Management

Whether you have 10 or 100,000 followers on social media, the primary reason our clients seek to outsource their social media to us, at Lighthouse Media, is to create growth of their channels and online presence. Growth of your business through social media comes as a result of a carefully considered and consistent set of strategies that relate to your demographic audience whilst expanding beyond this to engage a far wider audience that will also engage with your brand, product or service. Analysis of your audience demographic allows us to assess the type of content that they would relate to, and therefore engage with, giving you instant and significant results, that actually translates in to brand engagement, increased following and most importantly sales.

Social Media Management is one of our most popular services with many of our clients look to outsource in order to ease the time commitment and administrative burden of making sure their business maintains its social media presence, freeing up their time to grow their business, or spend time with their loved ones. However, this is much more than "putting a post up" and every post is carefully selected and scheduled based on the brand aesthetic/theme, its audience, the overall goals of the client and in-line with best practises. Our highly talented and experienced social media managers spend considerable time learning and understanding the ever-changing algorithms that leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok use to market your business.

Organic growth (i.e. growth without paid advertising) stems from consistency of content and engagement and is typically a medium to long-term strategy. Well designed competitions and collaborations with associated (but non-competing) brands are a great way to tap into a new audience and accelerate this process. We handle the competitions and collaborations by assessing suitable partners and undertaking brand outreach to arrange these competitions and collaborations, hassle-free for our clients. We then analyse the data behind these partnerships and competitions to assess their performance, using the results to help shape your future campaigns.

The use of influencers can be an incredible avenue to seeing an accelerated growth. This is only the case when the influencer is synonymous with your brand, its products or services and your audience. We source the right people from a range of influencers and accounts of people who may not necessarily regard themselves as "influencers". Again, we assess the impact of these partnerships to ensure a return on investment for our clients.

We pride ourselves on the results we generate for our clients and we back our ability to generate these results for our clients. The importance of these results are dictated by clients but we monitor the performance of every post, platform and collaboration from the perspective of social media growth and detail these to our clients periodically. These can be monthly growth rate, engagement, total growth, generating website traffic or store footfall and, crucially, generating revenue opportunities via enquiries and sales (where we are provided with the information).


Facebook - £100 Per Month

Instagram - £100 Per Month

Twitter  - £60 Per Month

TikTok - £200 Per Month
Facebook & Instagram - £175 Per Month

TikTok & Instagram - £275 Per Month

All Channels - £400 Per Month